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  14. Project Canterbury — vast treasure trove of Anglican documents

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  16. Don’t shoot the prophet [in Polish]

  17. Anglicani.it [in Italian]

  18. Episcopaliens en France [in French]

  19. Tony Clavier’s Blog (former archbishop in the “Continuum”)

  20. Thinking Anglicans (excellent resource for background on newsstories)

  21. What the tide brings in (a priest in Wyoming’s musings)

  22. Liturgical thoughts from New Zealand

  23. Jawbones (Jan Nunley’s new blog)

  24. Openly Episcopal in Albany (John White)

  25. Entangled States (Nick Kniseley)

  26. Santos Woodcarving Popsicles (Peter Carey)

  27. In a Godward direction (Tobias Stanislas Haller, BSG)

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  30. That We All May Be One (Bishop Christopher Epting, TEC Ecumenical Officer)

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